Launching a new mobile platform is pretty much the hardest job in technology these days. Just ask Microsoft. Or the chairman of the Finnish company Jolla for that matter.

Created by a team of former Nokia employees, this is the newest entrant in the highly competitive mobile market. The company has just launched its Jolla Phone, which is powered by its in-house Sailfish operating system.

And although they have been in the news for quite a while, only now are they breaking into the unforgivable world of mobile. End users, I mean.

Now, according to the Jolla chairman Antti Saarnio, the company is ready to go big time. He goes one step further, and actually calls his platform, Jolla, the third mobile OS — a third option for mobile users, behind Android and iOS, in all probability.

His opinion, not mine.

Obviously, this is just a jolly statement to rile things up and make people notice. The reality is that Windows Phone is the third option, and after the devastation (some would say self-destruction) of BlackBerry, it is hard to see anyone challenging Microsoft for this spot anytime soon.

Sure, it all comes down to potential. Immediate potential.

It’s not like Windows Phone is currently tearing the charts or anything. The latest numbers have it far behind in third place with a share of just around 2.5%. On distant second you have Apple with 11.7%, while Android is practically running away with the market with 84.7%.

The market is still wide open. Very wide open.

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  • Claire R

    Wide open to an extent, but Jolla has to overcome the overwhelming entry cost and competitive market. Because of that, I don’t ever see them being a relative player, especially in the US market!

  • Ray C

    This guy is an idiot. 1. People are so Apple obsessed in the U.S, it makes it hard for anyone to break into the biggest smart phone market in the world. The only reason Android got so popular is because it was cheap and there were so many people who wanted iPhones but couldn’t get one. There is no room for any new iPhone clones. 2. How are they going to compete outside the U.S? Android is already the biggest game out there, and Windows Phone is surging. This will probably be a big year for Windows Phone. This will not be the year for a new platform to take off

    • WillyThePooh

      True. There is not much room for a new mobile player especially a Finnish company.

  • WillyThePooh

    One possible mobile player is from China. Only if all Chinese using it, it will have a global market share of 25%.

  • dubbaYous

    Well what else would he say” We’re number 4 (or 5)!!!!” ????