Oh boy, not again. It’s Patch Tuesday time. Or Update Tuesday, if you will. And this time around, another patch is causing trouble for users that deployed it on their machines.

Not the first time this has happened, but we had a worry free few months prior to this incident.

Anyway, the culprit in question is KB3001652, which hangs while installing. Several users are reporting that this particular update is locking up their machines when they deploy it. Leaving shut down and a cold start the only option out of it.

Odd because, this is actually a rollup for Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime.

Luckily, Microsoft has been quick to react.

The company swiftly pulled down the patch after news broke out and a significant amount of users reported issues with the update — you will not see it in Windows Update if you try downloading the February 2014 Update Tuesday.

But if you, and it has already been downloaded, then perhaps its best to avoid deployment and hide the update until Microsoft looks into the issue and provides a fix.

Just for the record, the issue has been reported on both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

Since this is a rollup, the bulletin contains a long list of fixes that have been released to users these past few months. Then again, it is not a severe security issues, so it is probably best to wait before installing this particular update.

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  1. My laptop is locked up now on update screen :(. What do I do?

    • Oh dear! Anyway for you to login by booting into Safe Mode? If not, a recent restore point might do the job. For some a cold restart fixes things up. Shut down, clear off the power by removing the cord and battery, wait a while, put them back in and try.

      Hopefully Microsoft provides more details into this issue, which apparently is affecting a lot of users.

      • Actually, I tried creating a restore point myself this morning around 8am Pacific Time and by 11am the same update was back up in the listing leaving me no other option but to hide updates (generally not recommended by Microsoft) until they provide a fix for this. Ive already done 2 cold shut downs (not something I like to do btw) and dont want to risk another.

      • Thanks for the advice. I don´t have a
        removable battery in my laptop but when I did the cold turn off
        (before I
        only pressed the button shortly and it hibernated) and
        started again, it was okay. Now everything works.
        The worst advice came from Acer tech support. I called them and before I even really described what happened, the guy who barely spoke my language just said I have to do a factory reset (not mentioning it would delete everything or how to actually do it from that state).

  2. Glad I caught this one in my WSUS server before it was deployed!

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