Kelly Ripa – A very smart way to sell the Windows Phone – Nokia Lumia 710

If you want to plug a phone, you probably wanna go where the eyeballs are.

I’ve been a critic of Microsoft advertising in the past but this was done pretty flawlessly and effectively. Kelly Ripa effectively plugged the Nokia Lumia 710 on her show the other day and I thought it was a great touch.

Nicely done.

Hat tip to Ryan Lowdermilk

Video below…

  • Roger

    Fantastic marketing idea.

  • xyz

    can’t play the video 🙁

  • Bill Franklin

    The new layout helped me find this. A nice throwback article that’s more than 2 years old! Awesome. I had no idea Kelly Ripa was ever associated with the Lumia. The random article of the day, is a welcome addition to the site.