In a first for Windows Azure, KEMP Technologies has just introduced Virtual Loadmaster (VLM) its load balancing solution that brings application layer traffic management capabilities.

The company hopes to expand the capabilities of the Azure platform by adding in an application delivery controller with Layer 7 load balancing.

In simpler terms, what this means is that KEMP has brought Layer 7 load balancing to Azure IaaS, which ensures high availability, health checking, persistence and scalability to applications that run in the Windows Azure cloud.

Peter Melerud, the executive vice president of Product Management at KEMP said in a prepared statement that:

“As Microsoft continues to announce more enterprise services for Azure, application-aware load balancing within Azure will become increasingly vital for productivity in the cloud. We are proud to partner with Microsoft to provide the first Layer 7 load balancer to deliver high performance application availability to Azure users.”

The company claims that while VLM provides Layer 7 load balancing that exceeds the native load balancing built into Windows Azure, it is still simple enough to set up within Microsoft’s cloud platform using the Azure management portal.

And the fact that it runs on Windows Azure, this makes it a cloud based load balancer, instead of a solution that just directs traffic to the Azure network.

You can check out the details at the official website.

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