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The Kinect odyssey has perhaps reached its final destination. Microsoft have announced the Kinect 2 for Windows release date of July 15, with the device now up for preorder.

The big question is whether we will see Kinect 3.

But what started as a vision for the future seems to have reached a bit of a standstill after having split from the Xbox One console. And yes, the PC compatible version is, of course, without the Xbox logo as one would expect.

It also comes with a significant price tag of $200 — a full $100 more than the price difference between an Xbox One console that came with the peripheral, and one that was announced without it.

But this steep price will probably not matter as much for people that want to do something with its 3D camera and the ability to control their computers with a combination of their voice and gestures.

For gaming, however, there is little point in it right now.

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PC game developers have shown no major interest in developing for Kinect 2, and that may or may not change in the future. You need to have an install base for hardware like this for developers to take note. But then again, you need games to pique the interest of end users in the first place.

Having said all that, there are other applications for this innovative (and much improved) technology.

Besides this $200 includes a developer’s license, meaning you can actually work with it as you see fit. Which means unlike the version for Xbox One, this is more than just a luxurious toy.

You can take a look at its page on the Microsoft Store website for the full details.

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  1. I hope it works better than the Xbox One Kinect! It can be a great technology, but still had some major issues. This release better fix some major bugs and issues that the XBOX One dealt with.

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