The weather may be icy cold in most parts of the globe right now, but the battle for wearable supremacy continues to heat up. These upcoming devices are expected to open up new dimensions for technology giants like Google, Apple and Microsoft.

Redmond has already taken its first steps in this field, according to previous reports.

And now The Verge, citing unnamed sources, writes that the man in charge for a number of Xbox and Kinect projects over at Microsoft has been given new responsibilities to develop Windows-powered wearable devices.

Alex Kipman is the name you may want to remember.

One major task that Kipman will be overseeing is working together with the operating systems division at Redmond in order to bring these devices to market.

Microsoft’s board, it is said, is very keen to increase focus on wearable devices, and Kipman will look into multiple product ideas — in other words, everything from smartwatches to glasses running Windows are a crystal clear possibility.

It is only a matter of when now, it seems. Watch this space.

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