Had to come to this, but there’s actually more to the story. Yes, Kinect for Windows will no longer be manufactured, but manufactured specifically for the PC is the point here.

Microsoft instead wants to focus on the console version of the hardware from now on.

As the announcement reveals, the company witnessed unprecedented demand for the developer version of the hardware, so much so that it has been unable to manufacture enough of these motion sensing cameras.

Sales of the original Kinect for Windows were discontinued last year, in the understanding that the company would continue pushing the newer version of the peripheral on the PC.

Kinect 2 went on sale for Windows summer last year.

However, Redmond has now opted to consolidate everything into one single version of Kinect, which means for the Xbox One console. Those interested in bringing the experience to the PC can, of course, do so via this $49 USB 3.0 adapter that ensures compatibility with Windows.

But all of the action on the Kinect front will now happen on the console front.

All this begs the question what is to happen for the existing Kinect for Windows users. If you own one, rest assured you’ll not be left out, as Microsoft will continue to provide support for the product.

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  • Mike Greenway

    “But all of the action on the Kinect front will now happen on the console front.” What are you saying with this sentence? That the Kinect 2 SDK for windows will no longer be worked on? or what?