Microsoft is coming good on the promise of affordable Windows tablets. Since the company dropped the licensing fees for tablets with screen sizes under 9 inches, more and more models are popping up.

We already have information that Emdoor is gearing up to release a $100 tablet, and while the world is waiting for it to launch, a relatively unknown company has announced another such device.

KingSing has, up until now, only released a bunch of low end Android devices.

But the company is apparently ready to attract customers by launching a Windows tablet that will retail for an even more magic figure of $99.

Sure, it offers the bare minimum in terms of hardware specifications, but at the very least users will be able to access most of their apps like Word and Excel, and use them with a mouse and keyboard. And sometimes that is all that is necessary.

Anyway, the upcoming KingSing W8 comes with a 1.8GHz quad-core Intel Bay Trail processor that is paired with 1GB of RAM, which is pretty okay, all things considered.

You also get a 1200 by 800 pixels resolution on an 8-inch screen, with two cameras (a 5 megapixel back option and 2 megapixel front), along with the usual connectivity in the form of a microSD card, USB, a HDMI port and, obviously, WiFi.

Launch is expected in the coming weeks, in line with what Microsoft promised very recently.

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  • CaraMa

    Cheaper than cell phones? Crazy to me. I’d rather save up for a more expensive tablet, but that’s just my take!

  • WillyThePooh

    Good to buy for kids instead of iPad/iPod. At least I won’t cry if they drop it.