Windows 8 officially launched on October 26. 2012. And since then the modern operating system had its share of criticism from all corners, consumer and corporate. Most of which has toned down now.

However, even with all the recent enhancements to the platform in the form of Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update, the modern OS is still deemed as a bit confusing by a lot of companies — KPMG being one of them.

The CIO of the professional services firm that provides audit, tax and advisory solutions, Edel McGrath talking to Computing said that the move to Windows 8 was delayed for a few reasons.

First off is the fact that the new operating system is too much, obviously referring to the UI changes that Windows 8 introduced. And secondly, it is too quick, as the company already upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7 in the last couple of years.

Moving to a number of new solutions like Office 2013 and Internet Explorer 11 along the way:

“We need to ensure we are disrupting the business as little as possible. Bringing in Windows 8 and mandating that as an operating system is too much. So we’ve decided to put it into the app store, and it will be ready soon for those employees who want to take it.

I’ve accepted that we’ll have to run a dual standard for Windows but I’m not prepared to take the whole business on that journey; I think it’s too much, too quickly. It looks too different, although you can get used to it.”

The end result is that KPMG will delay the switch to Windows 8, fearing that the changes it brings could affect the productivity of employees.

Ultimately, these are concerns that Microsoft would be hoping to fix with Windows 9.

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  1. Mike Greenway / July 31, 2014 at 10:02 am /Reply

    This is the same old IT story that has followed every new OS release.

  2. If you’re still confused almost 2 years later, I question if you should really be one of the people helping to run a company. But then again it’s not uncommon for some of the executives to not know a mouse from their own pie hole, so it’s not surprising. They’ve done lots to make both the modern side and the desktop side easier to use in 8.x. If you can’t figure it out now, you don’t want to figure it out

    • I believe the comment was geared more towards the entire company. The reality is a lot of older employees that haven’t grown up with the technology have a much harder time adjusting to it. Because of that, this isn’t all that surprising. The good news is they’re sticking with windows.

    • Charles Vance Gurley / July 31, 2014 at 9:42 pm /Reply

      TONS of companies still use xp for this reason. If people still don’t get 8 after 2 + years, who’s to say they will understand 9? This is scary stuff if people are this stupid or just refuse to leave windows xp even when MS tells you it’s full of sharks…

  3. Rodney Longoria / July 31, 2014 at 4:14 pm /Reply

    For me, if a company cannot keep up with the times then they are not a company I want to deal with, especially when it comes to my finances.

    Also, is Windows 8.x REALLY that much of a shock compared to the iOS/Android home screens? I mean, if you can work with those on a daily basis then Windows 8 is not THAT alien, right? Seriously now!

  4. Misterbear Fapp / August 1, 2014 at 12:42 am /Reply

    Some will evolve. Some will become extinct. I chose not to take a nap in the fossil bed.

  5. Well have to admit the comments on this story are truly amazing! The blame the user/company for not wanting to spend the time and money on retraining to use Windows 8 because it’s the latest and greatest is not what I would have expected. The fact is most large companies are not going to upgrade the OS if they then have to retrain all the employees to use it. Windows 8 with the metro interface is a major change to the computers landscape. Yes the employees would get back up to speed eventually but with the way the world works today eventually could be after the company has gone out of business. I can navigate windows 8 but it’s a pain to get any real work done in it. And trouble shooting it is a major waste of time going to the search screen to get to anything versus previous versions where all you had to do was click start then control panel. Lets hope windows 9 will correct this.

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