As you may know, having met them, I’m big fans of Mary Jo Foley and Ed Bott and you should be too. They are both very seasoned technology reporters and great writers.

Every time I get an opportunity to read their stuff or watch their videos, I try to make the time.

The good folks at put together a video roundtable starring renowned Microsoft watchers Mary Jo Foley and Ed Bott, as well as Laptopmag Online Editorial Director Avram Piltch.

There are quite a few videos so I embedded the ones I felt were most pertinent.


Windows 8 Pricing

Pros and Cons of Windows 8

Multitasking in Windows 8

Windows 8 vs Windows RT


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  • 123321

    in the Video ‘Windows 8 vs Windows RT’ i think ed bott really gets the point.

    Microsoft would have loved to delete the Desktop environnement. but i think ist really good to still have it because there aren’t enough metro-apps to replace everything one is doing on the Desktop. but in my opinion the have integrated the Desktop as best as possible. i cant feel the chizphren thing the one guy was talkin about in one of the videos. furthermore i cant agree what he said that it would take so much longer to open Excel when you are writing a word document at the Moment. whats the Problem? just hit the Windows key and klick the Excel tile! thats so much faster than ever before! what would you do whith Windows 7? go to the destop and look for the Excel Icon? or go into the startmenu and search for Excel? how is that faster than in Windows 8?
    did this guy really used (not just tried) Windows 8 for a while? … i dont know…
    well but it is right that there is a need for a (short) learning period if you come from win xp,vist,7 or even from mac. i think the learning period is the shortest if you’ve never used Windows, mac or Linux or anything else. 😉

    anyway time will tell how People react on the new Windows and what Microsoft and other companies are going to release in the future…