Windows 8.1 is not your regular operating system, far from it. While earlier versions of Windows, box packed and all, stayed put in terms of features after hitting the RTM status, this is not the case for the upcoming release.

Instead, even though Windows 8.1 will go live on October 18, Microsoft is still working on adding in a number of improvements, enhancements and new features (along with the usual dose of bug fixes) as of this writing.

The idea, clearly, is to provide as refined an experience to users once they start using Windows 8.1.

But now it has emerged that this is not all Redmond has lined up. The software giant is also working on what it is calling the “Spring 2014 GDR” update — a large upgrade that is on track for delivery in early 2014 for both desktops and tablets.

The folks over at The Verge detailed this in a recent report.

Obviously, the General Distribution Release updates have usually been aimed at the Windows Phone platform up until now, but it seems that this strategy could soon change. Microsoft aims to bring both its platforms closer this way by implementing notable changes.

Specifics on what exactly this Spring 2014 GDR update will bring are still under wraps.

And while the company will continue to improve Windows 8.1 on a monthly basis (via Patch Tuesday updates), this large update promises to be more significant than these regular ones.

Joining two and two together, there is also a chance that Windows 8.1 Spring 2014 GDR may release alongside Windows Phone 8.1 early next year, and thereby allow Microsoft a chance to bring around new improvements for both its modern operating platforms at the same time.

But one thing is certain — gone are the days of Service Packs, right?

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