So I’ll be off to the BUILD conference next week and just wanted to do a last minute check with you guys to make sure I have all your questions covered.

I’ll go over the list of questions I have again:

  1. Is the Windows Defrag still dumbed down? I would like to see a progress report or a thermometer scale.
  2. What are exactly the new features and the improvements of the U.I for desktops and laptops ?
  3. Will some features and capabilities of the UI be sensitive to the hardware power ? In others words will some new capabilities and some eye candy be activated if the GPU hardware is powerful enough ?
  4. Will the O.S be optimized enough to be fast and reactive on low specs hardware ? In other words will it be fast,reactive and fluid enough on ARM hardware and low specs X86 devices ?
  5. What will be the licensing for Windows 8 ?
  6. How easy will you be able to arrange apps into categories? I would like something like iOS homescreen folders.
  7. Will Microsoft ever make windows support multi-touch gestures from a multitouch mouse or trackpad Like macs do with the magic mouse/trackpad?
  8. Will Microsoft ever bring the system requirements of windows back down to as little as what Ubuntu requires? As 1gb ram minimum is still very greedy, what about those with less than 1gb ram?
  9. Will Windows 8 would be able to run some of xbox 360 apps and games ?
  10. Will Windows 8 have a 3D interface, Something that gives the user a more 3D effect?
  11. Will IE still support HTA files (HTML – Application) ?
  12. Will IE still be able to access ActiveX components (like the file system object) or will there be something similar ?
  13. Will it be possible to manipulate (read/edit/save) Office documents via IE-Javascript?
  14. Will Windows 8 have the option of having multiple network profiles for different wireless network with easy way to switch from one to another…currently this is cumbersome when you move around a lot, and there are different network settings from location to location.
  15. Is it possible Windows 8 will provide native” sky-drive” backup and synchronization functionality for all or selected files on the local hard disk?
  16. Is it possible for all versions of Windows 8 to have virtual-server/PC functionality, with the ability to purchase preloaded virtual images geared toward the consumer market?
  17. They say that Windows 8 will be a 2 in1 OS (desktop + The surface start screen UI). Will the same version be released to all devices or will it be device dependent, eg. the desktop machines only get the desktop version of Windows?
  18. I do remember some listed features as History Vault and Restore Machines Back to Factory State. This is similar to Apple’s Time Machine. Therefore, will it require another partition on its own to do this or will Windows manage all of them within the Windows partition?
  19. What is the Upgrade Path? XP to 8? Vista to 8?
  20. Apple has moved on to eliminate the CD-Drive. Their latest operating system can only be downloaded via the Mac App Store and the only other “recovery media” they provide is the USB recovery drive. What is the response from Microsoft? Will Windows 8 be sold on USBs or any other media as well?
  21. I mainly compare Apple and Microsoft because they are the only two major OS competitors in the market, so don’t get me wrong. Apple has re-defined their entire licensing system. Now, all you need to do is buy the OS once and you can install it on all you personally authorized Macs. Is Windows going to change its licensing system as well or would it be the same?
  22. How is this Os going to be for gaming?
  23. Since Windows 8 is supposed to work on desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablets, smart phones, et al… how will critical and important security patches, hotfixes, service packs, etc be deployed? Especially in light of caps imposed by ISPs.
  24. Is Microsoft really serious about this whole html5/js stuff. Because i don’t see myself becoming a html5/js developper anytime soon.
  25. How exactly will Kinect 2 be used with the U.I?
  26. What about the rumored Wind U.I which was supposed to take advantage of GPU to offer a full 3D U.I.?
  27. A sense of how well/much MS is porting their services and programs (Office, Windows Live, Bing etc) to Windows 8 touch first UI apps and ARM.
  28. Xbox Live. Just how deep does the integration go. Will we get Xbox 360 game (Live Arcade, Indie Game, Games on Demand) fully compatible with Windows 8?
  29. Whats going on with “Ventura”? I know MS is waiting to fully unveil this new entertainment service with either Windows 8 or Xbox…I just dont know which one.
  30. will Windows Phone’s apps and games instantly work on Windows 8?
  31. Will Microsoft commit to support of applications written in VB6?
  32. When we’ll actually be able to get our collective hands on it? Will there be a public beta? Will TechNet subscribers be able to get an early beta for testing. Etc., Etc.
  33. How optimized is Windows 8 especially if it has to run on ARM hardware?
  34. How exactly is Hyper V3 used in this new O.S ? Is it just used to handle backward compatibility and if is so how exactly is handled backward compatibility ?
  35. How easy will it be to port x86 apps to Windows 8 for ARM ?
  36. What changes are there “under the hood” that may affect deployment? – Let me give you a really good example. The RPC ports for dynamic RPC moved up to the higher range when we began deployment of Windows Server 2008 R2. It would have been nice if that had been more widely described because it hit some of our sites that like to deploy firewalls.

That’s what I have so far.

Do you have any more questions?

Use the comments below to ask your questions..

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Onuora Amobi is the Founder and VP of Digital Marketing at Learn About The Web Inc. Onuora has more than a decade of information security, project management and management consulting experience. He has specialized in the management and deployment of large scale ERP client/server systems.

In addition to being a former Microsoft MVP and the founder and editor of, he is the CEO of a Pasadena based online marketing education startup - Learn About The Web Inc. ( and The Redmond Cloud (

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  1. (1) will windows 8 be able to run windows 7 phone apps on windows 8 ?  (2) will the (windows) app store  be avalible on windows 7 or other OS(es) ? (3) When will it come out ? (will it be intergrated with windows phone or xbox or other thing (like syncing, etc.) ?

  2. (ADD)  Will Windows 8 restore the  “Drag & Drop” function for manual arrangement of photo files within folders as was standard on XP and Vista ?

  3. 7. Microsoft already do with their Touch Mouse.  See
    10. Unlikely.  Their new Metro design is flat, not 3D.
    14. Windows 7 already handles this quite well.  I have multiple wireless networks, some hidden and some public, and Windows 7 automatically switches seamlessly between them based on my location.
    17. All devices including desktops, laptops and tablets will boot into the start screen.  The standard desktop is like an app that must be chosen from the start screen.  See
    18. Since History Vault is just centralising existing features in Windows 7, I’d say it uses the same partition like Previous Versions does.
    34. See

  4. When trying to delete or uninstall some folders/programs in windows7, you get a open/in use
    notification and must search and locate in order to accomplish. Will windows8 be able to tell
    you where it is in use/open, as to save from all of that?
    Is windows8 going to incorporate a new IE10 and if so, will a IE10 have a faster video (flash etc.) downloader and will it lock onURLs and seek as some third party dowloaders and dowload managers do?

  5. hi,
    1) will there be any tool to sort folders like files by size in explorer?
    2) will there be any screen like that in windows phone mango that shows all of the active windows in metro style UI?

  6. What about DirectX…..Will windows 8 will have better rendering engine and less lag in games even on low end PC’s….

  7. when will we get the beta I’m ready

  8. Will Windows 8 have an option to default to the traditional desktop instead of logging in to the Start Screen?

  9. There’s this feature that i just thought of:

    It would be great if apps’ shortcuts would be placed in a new library called apps. This would make it easier to navigate through the list of apps installed instead of going to the start menu and finding the apps and programs………..

  10. Will Arm devices be able to run or emulate x86 programs?

  11. What about I2C interfaces for touch digitizers? Will be implemented on SMBUS or there will be a “new” I2C standard? How I2C will suport Plug and Play?

    What about user drivers for touch digitizers? will they be allowed?

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