The Windows 8 train is slowly gathering momentum, and the latest market share data from several sources shows that the new OS has posted improved statistics since the beginning of the year.

Both Net Applications and Steam showed decent increase, and now StatCounter has revealed similar adaption of Windows 8, in line with earlier estimates.

Now obviously, StatCounter does things differently, in the sense that it tallies data from around three million websites across the globe — a decent enough pool to gather information from.

And the numbers for the week of March 17 show that Windows 8 is currently installed on 3.77 percent of PCs worldwide. This is a slow but definite improvement from the 2.37 market share that Microsoft’s latest and greatest had to make do in the first week of 2013.

Windows 7 remains the 800-pound gorilla in the room, one that commands an amazing 52 percent market share. Windows XP, in this particular case is far behind at second place with 23.86 percent.

This week’s numbers actually put Windows 8 within striking distance of the iOS operating system and its 3.92 percent bite of the bar. Android is down in the pits here at 1.07 percent.

Next stop after iOS would be old friend Windows Vista and its 6.11 percent market share, and a new enemy that goes by the name of OS X and currently commands a 7.72 percent overall share of the market.

Head in the game, head in the game!

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