If there is one thing we know for sure about what Windows Blue is bringing to the table, it is a whole bunch of new Metro apps. Microsoft is paying due attention to these Modern applications.

A public preview of the upcoming OS is scheduled for an unveil at the BUILD developer conference in late June, but we have had a fair sprinkling of details and images about the new apps that are set to be bundled with Windows 8.1.

Apps like Movie Moments, Alarms and more.

But in the previous leaked builds of the operating system, these apps had placeholder images for the tiles. Word is that these have now been replaced in the latest build with new designs.

The new icons, as can be seen in the image above, seem to be close enough to what may be included in the final version that will arrive with Windows 8.1 later in the year. The original image is available on the PCPortal website.

Alarm, Voice Recorder, Movie Moments and Calculator all get these shiny new tiles.

Even the Camera app icon is now changed from purple to blue. And as you may have guessed, most of these apps now appear to ready for prime time. The previous leaked builds featured incomplete versions of these Metro applications.

We should have more information on all these when the OS nears release later this year, probably October. In the meantime, share your thoughts on how you like these new additions and changes using the comments section below.

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