There has a been a bit of confusion regarding the storage space inside of the Microsoft Surface RT recently. While it is advertised as 32GB, the operating system and other pre-installed applications take up about half of that room. While not getting ALL of your space in a technology product is nothing new, usually the System memory only takes up 1GB or 2, not half the drive.

According to a Los Angeles-based lawyer, Andrew Sokolowski, Microsoft needs to make it clear that there isn’t 32GB of space with Surface RT. Sokolowski bought the 32GB Surface RT only to find out it quickly ran out of space. He is now filing suite against Microsoft for false advertisement. If it goes through, it will be a class action suite aimed at changing the way Microsoft advertises their tablet and will also pay damages to the plaintiff.

Does this case hold water? Microsoft doesn’t seem to think so. They point out that the Surface tablet has an SD card and USB port for expanding memory. Microsoft also states they NEVER said that you would have full access to all 32GB and most consumers are fully aware that operating systems take up space.

Microsoft had relatively recently clarified how much space you actually get with the Surface RT after accounting for preloaded apps and the OS, but Andrew Sokolowski says that hiding the information under one page on their website isn’t good enough. It is worth noting that Andrew bought his Surface RT on the 7th of November, two days after Microsoft had already put up official notification on their site.

Honestly, I somewhat agree that Microsoft box advertising might want to clarify the issue. Perhaps say “32GB Surface RT, 16GB free for new apps, files and music”. That being said, I don’t think this is something that is worth suing about. I also think that awarding “damages” for something like this doesn’t make sense. Change the advertising wording and give Andrew Sokolowski a free upgrade to a Surface RT 64GB model— call it good after that.

Maybe that’s just me. What do you think of this suite? Does Andrew Sokolowski have a valid point and reason for suing Microsoft or do you think the entire case should just be thrown out?

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    Throw it out. He’s just looking for free money.