Whoever said that leaks are bad obviously did not take a look at Microsoft’s Black Friday deals that are continually being leaked around the interweb. If you are planning on getting an Xbox 360 console or a Surface tablet, the best time to get them is soon upon you.

US customers only, very obviously, and somewhat sadly!

A scan of the Microsoft Store Black Friday 2012 ad published by SlickDeals lists an Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Holiday bundle listed at $199. Awesomeness! Plus, the first 100 Surface units that get sold on November 23 get a free Surface sleeve, worth $49.99.

Better start the cars early! And not just that, if you opt for the full Surface package (with bundled Microsoft accessories), you receive $50 off for the second Touch Cover. With reports of Surface keyboards suddenly breaking down, having a backup is well worth it.

The Surface tablets are already in high demand, so if you were expecting some big price cuts for Black Friday, you, my friend, were expecting a bit too much.

The initial batch of Surface tablets was, of course, sold out within 24 hour after Microsoft started the preorder campaign. But the good thing is that they are back in supply.

As far as sales numbers are concerned, Microsoft has kept the official sales numbers to itself for the time being. This makes it unclear whether Surface is a successful product or otherwise, but one thing is certain, it is one of the most popular Windows 8 device to date.

And sales are expected to rise in 2013, as Windows 8 Pro Surface tablets from different manufacturers make their debut.

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