Well, you have got to hand it to the rumor mill when it comes to Windows Phone (particularly Nokia) devices. Most of the reports and speculation surrounding these devices proves to be true.

And when it comes to a certain Finnish telecom giant, the focus these days is squarely on the rumored tablet and phablet that the company is about to unleash later this month. Nokia, now owned by Microsoft, is preparing for an elaborate event in New York in a couple of weeks.

Rumors on Nokia’s first phablet continue to heat up. Recent leaks have claimed that the large screen smartphone is set to arrive on the market as the Lumia 1520. And now some more details regarding the unannounced device have emerged.

This unofficial information comes via evleaks in the form of a screenshot that is supposedly taken from a Lumia 1520 smartphone. Codenamed Nokia Bandit, the upcoming phablet is said to feature a gigantic 6-inch capacitive touchscreen display that offers support for 1080p resolution.

And this leaked screenshot does a good job showcasing the full HD display — complete with six small Live Tiles, which can also be turned into three larger ones if desired.

The upcoming Windows Phone 8 GDR3 update is supposed to bring support for more powerful quad-core processors and full HD displays, and the leaked screenshot above is our first detailed look at the expanded Start screen that Microsoft has prepared for large Windows Phone smartphones.

There is a tad too much clutter, at least on this screenshot. Too much seems to going on.

But the good thing is that Windows Phone offers complete customizability in this regard, and users of these large screen devices can easily modify the Start screen to give it a less busy look.

What is your take on this people? Finally ready for a power packed Windows phablet?

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  • Cristóbal Jorge Robles

    This looks really nice!! Though a ‘phablet’ is not quite what I’m looking for, I’m happy with my HTC 8x

  • Dominico-James Black Eagle Hod

    I want one. I hope it comes to verizon


    Definitely a tough competition for the existing phablets……I totally want 1!!:):D