Nokia McLaren was one of the projects that was cancelled earlier this year, but there are signs now that Microsoft is keeping this phone alive, and is in fact, gearing up to release it in 2015.

The cancellation story came out in summer, but new intelligence claims that this is actually the upcoming imaging flagship, set to be released as the Lumia 1030.

Anyway, a large collection of photos published in China compare the Nokia McLaren to the iPhone 6, an indication that these images were probably taken after September 24, when the Apple device made its debut. And it is a prototype model, as the photos show.

Take a look at this rather large gallery below:

They do show the notable camera sensor, and the imaging capabilities of the device.

According to previous reports, the Nokia McLaren had been in the works since late 2013, but the project was cancelled in the summer of 2014 — with no provided reason, whatsoever.

The device was expected to launch with a new 3D Touch navigation system, so maybe this feature was not ready or refined, and the company decided to abandon it outright. If this fine piece of hardware does launch, then we can expect it to be without this new technology.

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