Microsoft has already made it official a couple of weeks back that it would be replacing the Nokia monikers on its Windows Phone devices with the Microsoft Lumia brand.

But that announcement did not detail when the first devices wearing the company’s logo would be here.

However, it appears that this momentous occasion is almost here — Redmond appears to be gearing to launch the very first Microsoft branded phone, and it has been spotted by a fairly reliable Chinese website that has put up a few images.

The device is labeled RM-1090, and although availability will be limited to China, this smartphone is expected to hit the store shelves in the coming weeks.

For the time being, revel in these three accompanying images:

Nothing official yet, of course, but it was only a matter of time before Microsoft made the switch in terms of branding. And the device has surfaced not too long ago at a FCC filing that confirmed that the RM-1090 will come with dual SIM support.

Its dimensions are eerily similar to the Lumia 830, and judging by these leaked images, this clearly seems like an affordable midrange option.

The most important highlight, of course, is the placement of Microsoft logos on the front and the back of the smartphone. And the Windows symbol is also prominently displayed.

Looks good? What do you think?

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