Leaked Screenshot Shows Windows 9 Build 9788

And nothing has changed much, folks. Sure this is a very early version of the operating system, but we now have bit of a substantiation that build 9788 has been compiled.

This screenshot that leaked over the weekend allegedly shows this version of Windows.

Although we have no confirmation whether this is Windows 9 or the second update to Windows 8.1 that is set for release later this year, previous reports on the matter have hinted that build 9788 is, indeed, part of Windows 9. Even if the screenshots curiously mentions Windows 8.1 Pro.

The desktop, as you can see in the image below, stays the same. However, it is the build number at the bottom of the screenshot that is the important bit here:


No sign of the Start Menu either — the leaker quite definitely just wanted to show the build number.

Prominent Windows leaker Wzor recently claimed that Microsoft might actually showcase Windows 9 in some capacity at the upcoming WPC 2014 conference that kicks off later today. And although a full reveal is probably implausible, a simple tease cannot be discounted.

Word is that although Windows 9 might only launch in early 2015, Redmond is planning at least two different preview versions for release this year.

Take all these leaks with a generous helping of salt, in the meantime.

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