Leaked Screenshots from Windows Blue 9385

Windows Blue 9385 has leaked and there are new screenshots from the new build.

The new screenshots show Alarm Apps as well as the new Assigned Access functionality.

Click on an image to enlarge.


  • 123321

    especially the Alarm app. i like it.
    i only hope that Microsoft will create all those great apps also for Windows phone one time… the bing apps (wheater,travel,finance,sports) for Windows 8 as well for Windows phone please! 😉

  • zeejan

    wow! is that Windows Movie Maker MX?

  • Daniel Gray

    I am already testing this on my test laptop and I can safely say there are three things I ABSOLUTELY HATE about this. First is having to freaking sign in EVERY TIME I want to use this (you would think that MS could make a freaking shortcut to Windows so you dont have to log in every freaking time you try to access your machine, that is a major PITA!!) And the second thing is that I had to spend $3. to buy a program called “startisback” so I could replace the freaking start button! Third, I ABSOLUTELY DETEST BING! I HATE it when some program changes my internet settings and my search engine/home page without asking. Even Chrome-IE 10-Firefox all do it.

    And what the bloody hell is with making me reboot every time I update something? One good thing about Apple is that you dont have to reboot with every freaking update, and if Apple can do it MS can damn well do it also!

  • http://twitter.com/kstekboi Brian Dotson

    I thought that 8.1 was restoring the start menu icon?

  • Lemuel Nolasco

    Whatever, I just simply love Windows 8.