An absolute cornerstone of Microsoft’s dominance in the technology world, Office is currently in the process of getting a touch optimized makeover. This, we have known, for well over a year now.

And although we caught an early glimpse of this version at BUILD 2014, a few new screenshots that have recently surfaced confirm that the software titan is getting nearer to finalizing work on this important new project.

Published by Paul Thurrott, this rather large pack of images shows the new Office in action, including the touch optimized versions of applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Take a look at these below:

These were actually revealed in a presentation video from Microsoft Research, which talks about Gemini, the codename of this touch flavor of the Office productivity suite. Obviously nowhere near the final product, but they look pretty good.

The striking thing here is that each application currently has its own UI — unification is still a few leagues away. Redmond is surely experimenting with the different looks, before settling on one.

And it is also worth a mention that the timing of this video is rather interesting.

Microsoft is expected to make the Surface Mini official at a small press gathering in New York tomorrow, and although there are no indications that the company will talk about Office Touch, this upcoming tablet comes with some special note taking prowess.

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  1. Look incredible! Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait for these.

  2. Really, really excited. Microsoft Office is one of the best and most underrated pieces of technology ever. Just so great and this makes it even better (at least it looks like it will).

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