Brace for more eye candy! We have had a bit of a screenshots galore in the past few hours, as new leaked images show everything from the build number to the desktop and Start screen of the RTM version of Windows 8.1.

And now another one has surfaced a few minutes ago that shows the colorful side of the OS — colorful side as the in the brand new desktop wallpapers that Redmond has added into Windows 8.1.

Microsoft has been quite keen on showcasing the enhanced customizations and personalization features that it has added to its upcoming operating system. And there is no denying that Windows 8.1 comes with a bunch of exciting new options in this regard.

Animated art, polished Start screen and refined new apps make the most of the Metro UI.

But at the same time, the company is also paying attention to the wallpapers that come by default with the operating system.

And as these new screenshots show, the company is trying to make the new operating system a bit more attractive by bundling in some new images. Everything from photos to artistic paintings to simple graphic designs seems to have made the cut.

All these new images seem to come from the Chinese version of Windows 8.1 RTM — confirming that some users in the country have already got their hands on this stable build of the operating system.

What this also confirms is that Microsoft has apparently completed major development work on its upcoming operating system, and the company is now shipping it to OEMs and partners around the globe. We are nearing the home stretch.

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