Mission possible? Very much. Redmond has brushed off the crazy few Windows Vista years, and is now entrenched in refining the Windows platform. And a new job listing sheds light on the company’s vision.

As this report notes, Microsoft’s goal now is to get a lean and mean version of Windows running everywhere. I am not sure about mean, but a leaner operating system is always welcome!

According to the company, Windows Phone 8 is the first such product in this new philosophy. The idea is to create a reduce the footprint of the operating system so that it can run on more devices and deliver enhanced performance, even with slower hardware.

This is what the job posting on Microsoft’s career website states:

“Working in this team requires the ability to analyze and change large, unfamiliar code bases without breaking them, strong cross-group skills, and the passion to get a lean and mean Windows running everywhere.

Windows API surface, etc.). The footprint of these smaller operating systems is in the order of megabytes – not gigabytes. Windows Phone 8 was the first released product using this technology.”

Well, 900 megabytes is closer to a gigabyte than one might think, but you get the idea!

Microsoft have focused in this direction for a fair while now.

Windows 8.1 lowered the display resolution requirements, while the recently released Windows 8.1 Update lowered the system requirements so that budget and affordable devices could deploy the operating system. With the OS now free for devices 9 inches and lower, expect an avalanche soon!

Now, just as long as Microsoft clearly distinguishes between each form factor, and designs the various versions of Windows keeping this in mind, all will be well with the world.

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  1. Great point on Vista. Anything will look lean, mean compared to that! lol I do think 8.1 is the right step towards this goal.

  2. So pretty much they just want an OS that takes up less memory and space? Is that correct or am I misreading this?

    • That’s how I read it, Mary. A more reliable and smoother OS. 8.1 is progress. I think 9 could be the potential big leap towards this.

  3. The more platforms I can use Windows on, the better in my opinion. I love to hear this! Thank you for posting.

  4. I like this, but I think this is something they should have done a long time ago. They should have been looking up ways to cleanup the code of their products and reduce system requirements

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