While it has not particularly been in the spotlight these past few months, Windows RT is still on track to receive a new upgrade as part of the Windows Blue release cycle.

Windows RT 8.1 is expected on the same day as other new versions of various Microsoft operating systems. This refresh of the tablet oriented operating system includes many of the features that Redmond has developed for Windows 8.1.

And this commitment confirms the fact that the software titan continues to bet big on Windows RT.

Its partners, on the other hand, are slowly dumping the platform. Many hardware vendors have recently explained that Windows 8 is a much better alternative for both OEMs and consumers.

And now Lenovo has seemingly joined this party. The world’s largest hardware maker seems to be ready to step away from Windows RT altogether, with a company executive recently claiming that nobody needs Windows RT anymore.

Engadget is reporting that Lenovo’s Australian marketing chief Nick Reynolds spoke during a press conference that Windows RT should no longer exist — as clear cut a comment as any!

The reason being that Intel’s newly launched Haswell chips make it possible to run the full version of Windows 8 without significant drop in battery life. To its credit, the chip giant really seems to have figured out the power requirements in both the Haswell and newer Atom chips.

And that leaves Windows RT with an even steeper hill to climb, even though Microsoft seems to be committed and fully behind its ARM based operating platform.

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  1. Well, if you don’t want to make RT devices just be quiet and stop making them is my opinion. Why can’t people make a decision without trying to sway someone else’s opinion? There is a market for low-cost tablets that are just tablets. I don’t see why it’s so hard for some people to get that. The Surface and Nokia branded RT tablets will be coming out, and as long as the price is right we really won’t need 5 different vendors making RT devices. Most people buy most of their products from 2 vendors anyway. They might have one or two products in their home from different companies, but most people’s homes are filled with products from just a handful of brands. Yes, the battery life issue with Windows 8 tablets and Surface Pros will improve, but what about people who want cheaper devices or smaller, lighter devices?

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. Keep the trap shut and spend the time improving the 8 Pro devices.
      If the Surface/Nokia RT tablets come down in price so there is a large spread between them and the Surface PRO, then all those people who have hesitated to purchase an RT can be convinced. But only if the price is right.

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