Windows XP retirement is at it again. Almost every other manufacturer has confirmed that Microsoft pulling the plug on the old operating system has had a positive effect on PC shipments.

And Lenovo, the king of the hardware market is here to approve ratify this statement.

Hard times on the industry, the declining sales of laptops and the nearly nonexistent ones of the desktops seem behind us now — even if temporarily. This is not going to last all that long, but then again, the PCs of yesteryears are now tablets of today. Windows tablets, that is to say.

The sooner this is realized, the better.

Windows 8 has closed that gap that iOS and Android could not. Or did not.

Getting back to Lenovo, though, the Chinese company has benefitted from this growth due to the Windows XP end of support on April 8, 2014. Statistics provided by IDC show that the company recorded a healthy 6.9% increase in the second quarter of the year, with the US contributing with a 3% surge.

This is what Lenovo had to say on the matter:

“Continuing upgrades of Windows XP systems boosted shipments in commercial portables and desktops, helping the commercial segment.”

Lenovo now has 12.5% of the overall worldwide market. US share of the pie for the company is 11.5%, which is up a steady 1.5% compared to the same period last year.

And this is not all that bad, considering this year was even direr in terms of new PC sales, if we take away the push Windows XP has provided. The million dollar question is just how long this lasts, and can the PC market can rebound in the long run?

The PC market, which as mentioned above, includes Windows tablets, of course.

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  • Ray C

    Just imagine if all these OEMS really got behind Windows 8.x and helped Microsoft both push it and educate people on it ?

  • Mike Greenway

    “…and the nearly nonexistent ones of the desktops….” Just exactly how many desk top PCs where sold in 2013?