The PC industry may be going through a radical paradigm shift, with faltering sales and declining numbers. But despite all this, analysts and market watchers had a bit of a hard time crowing a king, the undisputed leading PC supplier.

The fight was between Lenovo and HP, and it arose due to difference in calculations. Most agreed that Lenovo had risen to the top, but some still found HP had shipped more units.

Now, it seems we can put an end to this dilemma — Lenovo has overtaken HP, and has shipped 12.61 million. This is coming from International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker.

Other market watchers may still throw around different numbers, though, but HP is far below on the chart that IDC has put up that the differences will probably not be enough to upset the rankings. Specifically speaking, HP has shipped 12.37 million PCs.

Worldwide shipment level came in at 75.6 million, making it 11.4 percent below the figure recorded in Q2 2012. According to a senior analyst at IDC Worldwide PC Tracker, Jay Chou:

“With second quarter growth so close to forecast, we are still looking for some improvement in growth during the second half of the year. Slower growth in Europe and China reflect the risks, while the improved U.S. outlook reflects potential improvement.

Still, the weakness in emerging markets is a threat to a core long-term growth area. In addition, while efforts by the PC ecosystem to bring down price points and embrace touch computing should make PCs more attractive, a lot still needs to be done in launching attractive products and addressing competition from devices like tablets.”

Rounding up the top three is Dell, which had shipments of 9.23 million units. Acer and Asus occupy the fourth and fifth spots respectively, with 6.22 million and 4.59 million.

Interestingly, even though worldwide shipments in the second quarter of the year were lower than expected, United States did decent enough. The US market recorded a small decline of 1.9 percent. Japan, China and other countries, however, continued to slip.

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