Lenovo Readying Several Budget Notebooks For The Holiday Season

Windows 8 looks set to conquer the affordable notebook segment, with news that a number of companies are unleashing their solutions priced in the $199 to $249 range.

Now you can add Lenovo to this mix, as industry insiders claim that the world’s largest PC makers is partnering up with Compal Electronics to launch more such devices in order to target buyers looking for such affordable solutions.

Although the report does not mention Windows 8.1 with Bing by name, it is perhaps reasonable to assume this to be the case — how else can you put a price tag of $199 on a Windows laptop?

Anyway, not too long ago, $500 was considered the ideal mark for the perfect blend of price and performance in the laptop market, but the rise of Chromebooks has really shuffled things up in terms of price tags, at least.

And Microsoft and friends sure seem to be responding in style to this ever increasing threat.

Even though some four months remain between now and the important Holiday season to kicks into high gear, this much is certain that the computing hardware landscape is going to change one way or another. Fingers crossed, for the best.