As far as large PC vendors go, Lenovo is the only company that is laughing all the way to the bank. The company has actually grown its business, while its competitors are suffering from declining PC shipments the world over.

Obviously being based in China is an important factor, as are Lenovo’s business and enterprise contacts it acquired from IBM. Today the company released its latest financial numbers for the last fiscal quarter, and they show a rather interesting state of affairs.

Lenovo’s press release reveals that the company saw an increase in its laptop business of 4.7 percent to end up at $4.5 for the quarter. This makes up 52 percent of the company’s total revenue.

Desktop numbers, on the other hand, came in at $2.5 billion for the quarter, down 2.5 percent and contributed to 28 percent of Lenovo’s revenue. Nevertheless, as the largest provider of PCs in the world, the company will be overall pleased with how things are going.

It will be even more ecstatic with it mobile numbers, however.

Sales of Lenovo branded tablets and smartphones have witnessed a remarkable increase. The company says that this division brought in $1.2 billion — a 105 percent increase compared to the same period a year ago, a huge upsurge anyway one looks at it.

Even with these numbers, the mobile division only made up 14 percent of the company’s total revenue.

Speaking of which, Lenovo recorded revenues of $8.8 billion for the quarter, up 10 percent from the same period a year ago, to go with $174 million in net income.

Overall, Lenovo shipped 12.6 million units and stake claim at 16.7 percent of the total PC shipments worldwide. But while it is currently the PC leader, the company has also become the fourth largest supplier of smartphones worldwide.

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