Things just keep on getting from bad to worse for Samsung. While LG is matching their every move in the consumer electronics segment, they are also losing their hold in the mobile arena.

And now you can add tablets and laptops to the list too.

Technically they still fall under the mobile domain, but tablets and laptops can also readily be classified as PCs, the good old computer. Anyway, there are signs that Samsung’s slate and notebook business will continue to go downwards in 2015. Hardly surprising.

They do have a pretty good thing going with their Galaxy line of tablets.

But according to intelligence provided by DigiTimes Research (sketchy source, I know), Samsung is on track to receive another blow in this department.

Lenovo, currently the world’s top PC vendor will overtake Samsung in mobile shipments by the end of the year. The gap between the two companies is set to be of just 1 million units, though, but that will still make the Chinese company the world’s second biggest provider of mobile hardware.

Just behind Apple.

Where Samsung still trumps Lenovo, however, is in the smartphones business, and the South Korean company will continue to do so in the near future.

In terms of numbers, Lenovo tablet shipments are set for a slight increase to 11.7 million in 2015. While those of Samsung are expected to drop to just 36 million units. The rest of the difference is made up of notebooks, hybrids and convertibles.

The Chinese hardware maker is on track to ship 38 million notebooks next year, while Samsung will probably have to make do with just 5 million units.

Good news for Microsoft, at least on the tablets front.

Samsung really just does not want in on Windows slates, but Lenovo does.

Lenovo surely does.

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