Lenovo Yoga Windows 8.1 tablets have been a certified hit amongst users. Expected really, coming from the number one maker of PC hardware. And the company wants to continue the good job.

The Chinese hardware manufacturer is about to hold a press event in a few hours from now.

And it has confirmed that new Windows 8.1 powered Yoga tablets are on their way — the next generation slates are to be presented at this upcoming event. Ashton Kutcher will be hosting the show, and talk about these slates that he (apparently) helped design.

Lenovo posted this teaser image on their Facebook page, proclaiming that they have something to show us. The London event, dubbed “The BIG Reveal” kicks off at 8pm BST, 3pm EDT.

You can follow it live here.

The image posted shows Kutcher holding what looks like a Windows Yoga tablet. Probably a member of the Yoga 2 family. The color change is notably visible, sleek black.

Rumors point towards 8, 10 and 13 inch models.

Which should please buyers, considering the first generation Yoga slates only came in 8 and 10 inch variants. Good, because there aren’t enough big screen slates around. Besides, it should give some competition to the Surface Pro 3 — at least when it comes to the screen size.

Specifications of these devices remain a mystery, but it is reasonable to expect the smaller models making using of the Intel Bay Trail chips, while the 13-inch monster utilizing the new Core M processor.

Lenovo is also expected to launch the second generation Android based Yoga tablets today.

We’ll see what the company has in store for us in just a few hours from now. Hopefully, some pleasant surprises follow the London event. The Windows 8.1 ecosystem could use a few, now that the important Holiday shopping season is almost upon us.

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