While it seems some PC vendors have paused on the innovation front, Lenovo still seems to be going strong. Several Yoga 2 tablets were launched by the company at its London event yesterday.

Both Android and Windows models are now available, and they come with a new mode of use, which the company has dubbed “Hang”.


In addition to holding the slates in tablet mode, turn the orientation landscape for typing purposes, or propping the device up for watching a movie, you can also hang it on a wall. Strange concept, agreed, but some people will find use for it. Maybe in a kitchen or some other environment.

The company is providing three screen sizes this time around, to go with the choice of two operating systems. There are 8 and 10 inch models, but the new Yoga 2 Pro slate comes with a 13-inch screen and a built in projector.


Anyway, these Windows powered tablets will be of special interest to users, and will fill up the void left by the lack of new such options. Other vendors are sure to follow with their solutions, though, meaning buyers will have plenty of choices running the x86 version of Windows 8.1.

As for specifications, most tablets come with similar options. A full HD 1920 x 1200 resolution display is powered by an Intel Atom Z3745 quad-core Bay Trail chip.

Expandable store via microSD card, but onboard options include either 16GB or 32GB.

The 8-inch devices house an impressive 6400 mAh battery, while the 10-inch ones draw their life from an even more remarkable 9600 mAh option. This mean that Android options can hold their ground for up to 18 hours, while Windows ones can keep on running for 15 hours straight.

And if you need to differentiate between the two platforms, just remember that Lenovo has given the Android ones a silver finish, while Windows comes in black.

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