The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 is here, a few weeks ahead of its original December release schedule. This makes it one of the few Windows RT devices out there right now to compete against the Surface RT.

The Yoga 11 is $849 for a 32GB version or $949 for a 64GB version, so even though it runs on Windows RT, it certainly is a MUCH more expensive option than the Microsoft Surface RT. The good news is that as a special holiday shopping offer you can pick the Yoga 11 up for a little less at $679 for the 32GB version or $759 for the 64MB model.

Why is this thing so expensive? For starters, it is a true convertible laptop device, not just a tablet that gets a touch or type cover added. This means it can actually sit more comfortably in your lap. Still, running Windows RT limits its true usefulness as a full laptop solution, so you have to wonder what the point of paying this kind of cash really is.

I personally wanted to like the Yoga. The device seemed fun and unique, but not at this kind of high pricing. Still, if it is exactly what you are looking for in a convergence device, now is the time to get one. Keep in mind that even if you order now, it is going to take about 4 weeks to ship according to Lenovo.

So what do you think, is this Surface RT competitor worth the extra cost or is it severely overpriced in your opinion?

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  • systemwide

    I love Lenovo. Im using one and it’s been a great friend for me.

  • markwest

    Well, Lenovo has done a bad job in setting the price. Im sure many would reconsider getting Kupa or another instead.

  • lioncaster

    Hey have discount so it’s okay