There are only a few things certain in life, and one of them is the upcoming influx of smaller Windows 8 tablets that seem set to flood the store shelves by the end of the year.

Perhaps the focus of the Windows Blue project (Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1, both) is its support for smaller resolutions, 50-50 Snap View, portrait modes, and what not β€” all things designed for slates with 7 or 8 inch display.

And with Acer first to the party with the Iconia W3, we may now have confirmation of another 8-inch Windows 8 tablet, this time from Lenovo.

A bunch of images posted by Win8China that were taken at Computex 2013 show an 8-inch tablet with the Lenovo logo on the back. It appears that the tablet is called Mix 8, and this thin and sleek device will offer 3G wireless support along with folio and pen.

No details yet on what chip powers it, but there is a fair chance that it’s an Intel Atom solution β€” either the current Clover Trail processor, or the upcoming Bay Trail.

Interestingly, Microsoft and hardware vendors seem to be content with pushing the full version of Windows 8 for these 7-8 inch tablets instead of Windows RT.

It probably has got a lot to do with consumer demand, but it will be fascinating to see which version of Windows 8 grabs the bigger share in the tablet sphere. Perhaps the best thing about these Windows powered slates will be the myriad of feature sets and different price ranges these will be offered in.

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