Big things have small beginnings. And you would have to think really hard to name a bigger thing in computing technology than smartphones. These handy gadgets at actually driving the industry forward, in more ways than one.

Although first conceptualized in the early 70s, the first recorded use of the term smartphone is in 1997 by Ericsson. Several other companies pioneered these devices throughout the 90s.

But it was only in the late 90s when PDA (personal digital assistant) devices came about — and these form the very backbone of the modern mobile operating systems. PalmOS, BlackBerry OS and Microsoft’s very own Windows CE (and Pocket PC) were soon ruling the roost.

Mass acceptance around the globe came after 1999, however, with BlackBerry leading the charge.

That was soon followed by the first generation iPhone, Android, and then finally Windows Phone. In between that thought Microsoft tried to work wonders with the touch interface and platforms like Pocket PC and Windows Mobile.

Now, however, these devices are truly mainstream. You can find an entry level smartphone for less than the price of a midrange feature phone from a couple of seasons ago.

So much so that even Microsoft and Nokia are now targeting the low and midrange segments of the market, and for good reason too. More than 1 billion smartphones shipped in 2013, making up 55 percent of the overall mobile phone market.

But enough about glorious history and magnificent statistics — it is time to hear your wonderful story.

What was your first smartphone? Was it the outstanding Nokia 9000 or the superb XDA? Or have you been a forerunner in this domain and owned a PDA? An iPhone, maybe, or one of the early Android devices? Or have you migrated from a feature phone to a shiny new Windows Phone recently?

This is the place to talk about your first ever smartphone. Let’s hear it!

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  • Ray C

    My first smart phone was a Samsung Blackjack. A friend had one and realized it didn’t work with his carrier. We have it to me since I had AT&T. The cellular radio would malfunction at time. But once I got it repaired, it was a great phone. After that I replaced it with a Blackjack II and a Jack. I did play around with friends Blackberries and Android phones, but i never took a liking to them

  • TriW

    sony ericsson w660i

  • Onuora Amobi

    Palm Treo 650 is the first one I can remember after the blah blah Blackberrys I had for work..

  • 1stkorean

    Palm Treo 650 was my first smartphone

  • Terfa Prince Binda

    Wow, in 2005, I received the Windows Pocket PC powered O2 Xda II, as a gift, boy was I blown away, I literally had a PC in my pocket, I could create documents on my phone and finish them on my PC, even then I knew this was going to be the game changer in the Mobile ecosystem…

    • Fahad Ali

      Same here! I used the O2 XDA IIi for a couple of years, when more than half the world was using black and white feature phones. Now that was a device!

      Thanks for the memories!

  • Nigel Boor

    HP iPAQ 514 Voice Messenger

    • Fahad Ali

      One of the few candybar smartphones!

      Appreciate the comment.

  • Al

    HTC Mogul That was one ugly brick but I loved it!

    • Fahad Ali

      Classic. Blocky, but classic, nevertheless.

      Thanks for the comment. And the image. Keep them coming!