Today is January 14, 2014 in most parts of this rock we call Earth. And that means that only 83 days are left before Windows XP gets it final Patch Tuesday fix and is retired for all time.

In a world where a single percentage point means tens of millions of computers running an operating system, Microsoft seems to have done a good job up until now of convincing users to upgrade from the fan favorite operating platform.

Redmond has even launched a simple countdown timer for Windows XP with a clock that counts to the end of support date and as well as links to resources. And it claims 8 million users are still on the old OS.

The software titan may internally be going for under a 13 percent market share, but with months remaining it is slowly getting there — day after day, week after week, month after month.

Depending on who is doing the talking, the various research firms peg the Windows XP market share in the high 20s. That, of course, only includes the Internet connected computers, who knows how many are actually running the aging platform.

But what about you guys, then.

How many people do you personally know that are still running Windows XP, whether as their primary system or for business usage? Hard to include schools and universities into the mix here, but in any case, it would be interesting to see just how much of an impact Windows XP has in homes and businesses.

Oh, and you can include yourself too, if you are on Windows XP. Let’s hear it!

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  1. My high school runs Windows XP on over 1000+ computers and I have one XP machine running at home as it doesn’t handle Windows 7. My church has Windows XP machines and shops such as The Warehouse run Windows XP.

    • Interesting. Schools and other such organizations are a given to be running the old platform. Wonder how long it will take Widows XP to go the Windows 8 route, considering it still is pretty feature rich.

      Thanks for the comment, good to hear!

  2. I know Walmart Canada is still running XP but I don’t know anyone else among my friends running XP.

    • Walmart? That’s rather interesting. Maybe they will upgrade in the next couple of months, if those computers are connected.

      Appreciate the comment!

  3. I personally know of NO ONE who is still running XP.
    I haven’t know one of those folks since Win 7 came out. It was a quick change for everyone I know that has personal computers, and the company I work for (over 5,000 installs)
    All were very glad to move on from XP to 7.

  4. I know about 3 or 4 people still running XP, and they all keep saying the same thing ” I need to hurry up and get me a new computer.” Unfortunately when my job wipes and donates computers, we put XP on them

  5. My robotics team just got 3 old computers running Windows XP (some of Media Center Edition (Eww!)) I would LOVE to switch to Win7, but I’m afraid the specs are too low and we don’t have the money to buy licenses. 🙁

    • MCE, my, my! 😀 Microsoft should really put up a special promotion with discount license for Windows 7, if not Windows 8.

  6. My inlaws. Though it makes me nervous to upgrade them to Windows 8. They aren’t tech savvy at all and I don’t want to confuse them. Honestly I love Windows 8, but I think the concept may be a bit beyond them

    • Makes sense! Windows 7 may just do the trick, though.

    • Actually non-tech savvy may be easier to use win8.1 as they mostly need to run programs they familiar with. You just need to pin those programs to Start screen. Config all the setting properly so that it minimizes their need to change. Unpin all the apps they don’t need.

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