There are rumors and then there are persistent rumors. South Korean mobile phone maker LG Electronics has long been said to be contemplating a Windows Phone 8 smartphone.

However, the company has not yet decided (or made official its plans) to whether it will indeed launch a phone powered by Microsoft’s mobile platform, or when.

Now, LG India’s Managing Director Kwon Soon has confirmed a WP8 smartphone to, saying:

“At home (South Korea), we are actually working on our Windows Phone 8 OS powered smartphone.”

The company will obviously continue to focus on the development of Android devices, which will be its primary platform, but the senior executive believes that Windows Phone will pick up going ahead, as Microsoft is putting a lot of weight and efforts into the mobile platform.

LG was one of the first one to jump in the Windows Phone fray with the LG Optimus 7 that hit store shelves all the way back in October 2010, and the LG Quantum. Neither smartphones were a big success commercially, resulting in the company exiting from the market.

Here is hoping they reenter the market with a quality product this time around.

There is also a distinct possibility that the company may choose to go the inexpensive route first, instead of taking on Nokia at the top end and higher price points. LG could even try to develop a Windows Phone 8 with a physical hardware keyboard — and this may attract some users.

We should know more about LG’s future plans in the coming months.

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