Windows 7.8 isn’t here yet, but those stuck with older Windows Phone 7 devices are patiently waiting for at least a little bit of the Windows Phone 8 magic to head their way with this latest update.

The big question though is whether or not it is coming to your handset.

While we don’t have a full list of supported devices, it is certainly possible that Windows Phone 7.8 will not make its way over to all devices running on Windows Phone 7 technology.

In fact, we have confirmation that LG, at least, isn’t joining the party with their LG Optimus 7.  In order to learn more information about the update, one Optimus 7 user send an inquiry to LG Electronics in Poland and learned the following:

Please note that it is not expected to introduce software update for your version of the E900 to 7.8. If you have additional questions, please contact us again.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty cut and dry: the Optimus 7 is not getting in on the action. As for the rest? We can’t say for sure, though you can probably bet that most of Nokia’s line is totally safe and won’t be left out.

Are you looking forward to Windows Phone 7.8 or do you plan to jump ship to Windows Phone 8 or another platform altogether? For those reading this that own an Optimus 7, does the lack of an update make you want to get a new phone right away, or will you stick onto your older LG handset a while longer?

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    Well that sucks! Hopefully Microsoft come out with their own handset soon so I have something to move on to