Another Surface alternative incoming? If there’s one thing Microsoft wants is seeing a lot of new Windows powered tablet models making their way to the market.

That’s really one of the reasons behind launching the Surface lineup — getting OEMs into the tablet game and get down with some innovations. And with each passing month it appears that Redmond is inching closer to that goal.

We’ve already seen several companies unveiling their high-end, deluxe Windows 8.1 tablets.

Lenovo, in particular, has run with the concept and the Yoga line of devices is a raging success. With the arrival of Intel Broadwell based Core M chips, the future is only going to bring more such hardware.

Speaking of vendors, there is now talk that LG is now ready to ride this wave of convertibles. The company is preparing a new tablet hybrid for next year, one that comes with a detachable keyboard. You guessed it, something resembling Microsoft Surface devices.

The news comes from one of the more reliable of sources, and although it cites internal sources, this much seems certain that LG is now ready to take the Surface lineup head-on.

Apparently, the laptop/tablet hybrid will be powered by a fourth generation Intel processors, and will house a SSD memory for storage and portability. If all goes according to plan, the South Korean giant might unveil this new device just in time for CES early next year.

In any case, more competition in the Windows hybrid category is good for everyone.

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