Microsoft has already said that the Windows Store will be featuring Desktop apps.

And a few days back, the company posted a blog post on the official Windows Store blog providing more information on how the developers can get their products(desktop apps) listed in the Windows Store.


The desktop apps  which are included in the Windows Store will not provide any basic information about the apps such as reviews, app size etc. The store will contain only a link to download these apps outside the Windows Store(in your browser).

Microsoft also explained how the developers can get their apps listed in the Store. They will have to  first download and run the Windows App Certification Kit on their app. Then they have to submit the results of the certification kit to Microsoft.

If Microsoft approves the result, the developer will then send the listing for the desktop app. The listing must include information about the app and a URL link from where the app can be downloaded (A direct download link for free app and payment link for the paid app).

Also the developers will have to select a price(free or paid) during the submission of the app so that Microsoft could ensure that the app shows up correctly when users sort and filter via price in the Windows Store.

“When you submit a desktop app to the Windows Store, you don’t upload the app itself.

Instead, the first thing you need to do is run the Windows App Certification Kit. Next you send the results generated by the kit to us. After we’ve approved this results file, you can submit the app listing to the Store,” Microsoft adds.

So if you are a desktop app developer and planning to get your app in the Windows Store head over to the Windows Store Blog for more details.

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