Live Blog: Ballmer speaks at WPC 2011 (updated)

  • Steve’s talking now..
  • Talking about the transition to the cloud…
  • Talking about how Microsoft was all in on the cloud…
  • Why is Steve so loud?
  • Talking about the Imagine cup
  • Playing video of Imagine Cup participants
Imagine Cup contestants video

Imagine Cup contestants video

  • Report card on Microsoft
  • Microsoft trying to drive forward the platform for intelligent devices..
  • He’s going through the list of Microsoft products..
  • Last 12 months was “phenomenal for us”
  • “Consistently through the last 3 quarters , we have delivered double digit growth rates in Office and Server product lines..”
  • Interest in kinect is very high
  • Windows Server 76% marketshare
  • Sounds like Steve is trying to justify his job…
  • Office and Office 365 “The other guys have yet to show up”
  • Windows – “350 million new pc’s sold”
  • A little dig at Apple ” the other guys in the 20 million range”
  • Bing is the Microsoft product our partners spend the least amount of time on
  • Market share in US grew to 14.1%, 30% growth
Bing growth

Bing growth

  •  With Bing, people dont want to search, they want to decide and take action
  • Demo of Bing with Stefan Weitz
Bing Stefan Weitz

Bing Stefan Weitz

  • ” I like Mango better than Apple” – funny
  • Talking about “bringing your friends with you” and gives a bullshit Hawaii example.
  • Bing trying to integrate associate services like OpenTable with search results so that you could go directly to make a reservation once you find a restaurant.
  • Using example of getting Dodgers tickets for a baseball game and buying the tickets from the search results
Bing Maps example

Bing Maps example

  • Powerful example about using Bing to find a competitive parking space.. very cool
  • Windows Server and Azure discussion now
  • Coherent and complete Public/Private Cloud story
  • Azure customers
    • Boeing – Application to market one of their planes – the 737. Boeing customers love it.
    • American Airlines – Livetile on Windows Phone app. “The fastest delivery of flight information data on the planet”
  • Dynamics 10 years of business applications space..
  • “We are all in when it comes to Business Applications”.
  • Barclay’s Bank left Oracle to come to Microsoft
  • SpaceX is using Dynamics AX
  • Dynamics NAV next year will put Microsoft ERP in the cloud
  • 2012 Dynamics NAv will be cloud based
  • Over 100 million new Office licenses
  •  50,000 businesses have used Office 365 trials
Office 365

Office 365

  • Office 365 rah rah…
  • Excited about Skype – have to be careful – regulatory approval
  • Wants to be able to connect Enterprises but allow Enterprises to connect to those outside the Enterprise as well..
Skype, Lync

Skype, Lync

  • XBOX time
  • New games coming
  • More music, movies and LIVE TV
  • Voice control xbox via Kinect
  • Hes gonna show a demo
  • No buttons
  • He basically ramroded Elenas demo
  • You say it and Xbox finds it
Xbox demo

Xbox demo

  •  This is cool
  • Bing + Kinect + Voice = cool experience
XBOX Bing Integration

XBOX Bing Integration

  • You say it and Xbox will find it
  • Live TV will come to Xbox
  • Xbox and Bing this holiday season – This will be VERY strong
  • Windows Phone
  • 9 out of 10 Windows Phone users recommend it – yeah right
  • Nokia is going with Windows Phone for their “Bet the Company” strategy
  • Quotes the Gartner and IDC bullshit predictions
  • Talks Mango
Windows 8
Tami Reller

Tami Reller

  • Here it comes
  • Tami  Reller is doing the demo
  • She will share Windows 7 opportunities and do a “recap” on Windows 8?
  • Recap? What the hell..
  • She says 400 million copies sold of Windows 7
  • Windows 7 is great rah rah
  • Windows 7 saves you money rah rah
  • Windows 7 is secure rah rah
  • Windows 7 virtualization rah rah
Pin-Taskbar Preview-Jumplists-Snap-BitLocker-Remote Desktop

Pin-Taskbar Preview-Jumplists-Snap-BitLocker-Remote Desktop

  • Adoption highest of any OS in history
  • 2/3rds of business PC’s are still on XP
  • 300 million desktops need to be migrated to Windows 7/8
  • Windows 7 is the best OS for the Cloud? Then what about Windows 8? the confusion begins.
  • Windows 7 is the path to the future..
  • Here comes Windows 8.
  • Booooriiiing
  • doing a recap
  • runs on x86, ARM etc
  • Over the last month, many have reached out to know more
  • new video
  • going over the same BS we have seen before
  • Tiles, start screen
  • Apps take up the whole screen
  • Basically showing the same video that Julie Larson Green talked about
  • Windows 8 is an upgrade for an entire ecosystem of PC’s
  • Windows 8 will adapt to make the best of your hardware – interesting
  • Windows 8 will be able to use Windows 7 hardware
  • W??? They see a future where Windows 8 and Windows 7 will be side by side so customers can be more confident?? WTH??
  • The path to Windows 8 starts with Windows 7???
  • This is a clusterf*ck message…
  • She just left…she said absolutely nothing
BOOOOOO No Windows 8 News here

Steve is wrapping up…

Steve Ballmer signs out of WPC 2011

Steve Ballmer signs out of WPC 2011

The end.