Lock screen in Windows 8

The lock screen is a beautiful feature in Windows 8. It is the screen that appears when a user locks his machine. It is also the first screen that the user faces after Windows 8 completes booting. Clicking or sliding the lock screen up will lead you to login screen.

One of the most innovative things that Microsoft has introduced in Windows 8 is to provide as much content as possible, no matter where the user is. The lock screen might be the best example. One would expect a lock screen with wallpaper at the most. But, instead of a dumb silent screen, the lock screen provides a plethora of information.

Components of the Lock Screen

  • A changeable wallpaper
  • Date and Time
  • Small widgets that show notifications or information of their corresponding applications

Thus, you can enjoy beautiful wallpaper while checking if you have any unread tweets, mails, calendar reminders, etc. from a single screen.

Customizing lock screen

Lock screen can be customized to your personal taste. You can put a wallpaper of your choice. Also, you can configure which apps will show information on the lock screen.

To customize lock screen settings

  • Activate the Settings Charm through the Charms Bar or simply using Win + I key combo.
  • Select “Change PC Settings” from the provided options in the Settings Charm pane. That will open the Metro Control Panel.
  • Select “Personalize” from the left pane.
  • Select “Lock Screen” from the right pane. All the settings to customize lock screen are located there.

Changing the wallpaper

Figure 2 Change wallpaper of lock screen

Figure 2 Change wallpaper of lock screen

As shown in the above image, you can select wallpaper from the given images, or browse through the file system to select your favorite image as wallpaper.

Customizing Widgets

The widgets can be customized from the same settings.

Figure 3 Lock screen widget settings

Figure 3 Lock screen widget settings

You can select maximum 8 apps that can show notifications on the lock screen. Out of those apps, you can choose one app that can show detailed information, as done by the calendar app in Figure 1.

Adding an app is easy. Simply tap the “+” button. It will give you a list of apps that are eligible to show information on the lock screen. Naturally, all of them are Metro apps.

Figure 4 Add an app widget to lock screen

Figure 4 Add an app widget to lock screen