Lockscreen Background Bug Confirmed By Microsoft In Windows 8.1 Preview

The bug reports for Windows 8.1 Preview keep flying in, and Microsoft keeps acknowledging them to fix them before the operating system hits the RTM status in August.

The latest the software titan has confirmed is a little nag that does not allow users to change the lock screen wallpaper in the preview version of the upcoming operating system — the default photo is shown on all affected machines, its seems.

According to a post on the company’s official support forums, the issue pops up regardless of whether a local or Microsoft account is used to sign into the computer. As a user explained the problem:

“More importantly, the issue occurs after changing the lock screen background 8 times. From the 1st to the 7th time, the lock screen displayed the correct image that the user selected. On the 8th time, the lock screen displays another previously selected image as the background image.”

Software development with its infinite possibilities of errors at work here!

A Microsoft engineer was quick to confirm the issue, saying that the company is already looking into it. This means that a fix should soon be released in either the next few weeks or surely before the RTM version is handed over to equipment manufacturers.

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