1. Nice tip but it isn’t how you described it.

    Actually it still directly goes to bloody start screen when enter key is pressed-on, in the sense it doesn’t skip it. What happens next is that the first app/tile on the top-right corner gets launched immediately.

    So apparently it will launch anything from Store, Mail, Photos to Weather, News, Games etc. As long as that app-tile is the first one in start-screen, specifically the top-right corner app-slot.

    • All “Right” =“Left” in above comment.


    • The thing is my desktop app is on the lower left hand corner not upper and desktop still loads when I hold enter.

    • Ok you’re right. I never did it from a reboot (sense I don’t reboot much), if you login from sleep mode and hold enter it goes straight to desktop no matter what. Strange. I put desktop as the first app on the list. thank you for picking that up George.

  2. oops!
    Replace all “Right” with “Left” in above comment

  3. I tried this three times, and all three times the computer launched directly into mail. (Mail is the upper left most tile on the start page.) I still say nothing beats Classic Start from SourceForge. You can boot directly to the desktop (including a start menu, or you can have it delay on the Page Formerly Known as Metro for a moment before switching to the desktop. If you’re on the desktop, placing your curser in the extreme lower left corner pops up a small shortcut for Metro (it actually removes the desktop tile from Metro), and if you’re in Metro, doing so pops up a small shortcut for the desktop.

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