Looking for a Windows 8 Job?

Now obviously Windows 8 isn’t here yet but in anticipation of the vast demand for Microsoft Windows 8 resources, we are introducing the Windows 8 Job Board.

The idea here is that if you are looking for a Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8 Job, you will be able to go to this one resource to search through the jobs that are updated by the hour.

If you’re an employer and you’re looking for Windows resources, it doesn’t get any more targeted than the people who regularly read this blog. This is a perfect place to find technology savvy Windows enthusiasts.

You can search for jobs or post a job on our Microsoft Windows Job Board.


  • Indra Nawawi Daeng Parani

    Dear Onuora,

    Thank you for the kindness to understand the situations and conditions for the future generations by introducing your idea to the world which then will increases the employment figures. I understand you have done something and I wish I could help by joining your labor forces, unfortunately I have no engineering background, my last educations is something else that have nothing to do with the computer software and I’m afraid it will destroy your preciouse invention. My last education is High School that can still read your formula and it’s very low for engeenering purposes, and won’t reach the target. At present I’m a self employed and very much happy to follow Windows development and the progress done to the computer lately which then change our way of life. Thank you Mr. Onuora.