Looks Like Firefox Is Getting A New Logo Eye On Windows

Looks Like Firefox Is Getting A New Logo

Flatter, fresher, yet familiar? Some details about the new logo included in Firefox 57, which is currently in the Nightly branch, has surfaced, signaling a change in the look and feel of the popular web browser.

Along with several other big changes that Mozilla is developing.

The company itself got a new branding not too long ago, and it is also currently developing what it calls the Photo UI. And it appears that to introduce this user interface change, the browser maker could give the program an even flatter logo.

One that completely flattens the tail of its fox.

Along with psychedelic colors.

At least in the Nightly releases.

The stable builds will, undoubtedly, make a return to the regular blue, yellow and orange color schemes.

In case you’re a Firefox user, or want to check out what kind of features the browser is set to receive soon, you will be pleased to find out about Project Quantum — a set of improvements that Mozilla is currently working on.

These include under the hood tweaks to significantly improve the speed and security of the browser, but also better responsiveness, support for multiple processes, a new performance settings tab, the abovementioned UI, and the ability to take and share screenshots, among other additions.

Of course, you can try out many of these new features in the Nightly preview builds of the web browser, or wait for the official release if you prefer a much more stable experience.

Either way, some fresh strokes are coming in hot.

Any thoughts?

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