Microsoft has just released several important products, and soon after these key releases, the company has also made official its financial results for the third quarter of the year.

And the numbers paint a very positive picture, anyway one looks at them.

Still, Windows 8.1 is perhaps the most significant of these new releases that carry the Microsoft logo, and the company seems to be pleased with the way it is performing on the market. In fact, outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer seems like he could not be happier.

In his official statement on the Q1 2014 report, he revealed that Redmond was seeing a lot of consumer excitement for not just Windows 8.1, but products based on the operating platform too:

“Our devices and services transformation is progressing and we are launching a wide range of compelling products and experiences this fall for both business and consumers.

Our new commercial services will help us continue to outgrow the enterprise market, and we are seeing lots of consumer excitement for Xbox One, Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, and the full spectrum of Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone devices.”

The statement above is not exactly surprising, but it does show that the company has high expectations from this new version of its flagship operating platform.

It is, in all probability, too soon to tell just how successful Windows 8.1 is, and there is no data on how many Windows 8.1 licenses have been sold since launch. But the core, vanilla version of Windows 8 is currently hovering at around 8 percent global market share, according to third-party statistics.

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  1. There is 8.1 shipping data, it just that You don’t have it.

  2. I just love it, using on Surface 2 since the device came yesterday from Media Markt….

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