The Lumia 1030 is just around the corner, if you believe the rumors and leaks. But Microsoft has done a dandy job of keeping all the details behind closed doors, all the details.

However, while the device is expected to see daylight in the coming months, the handset has been in the news these past few weeks. And using the available information, concept designers have created their own interpretation of the smartphone.

Complete with a 50 megapixel camera module.

The photos that surfaced in the last few days point to a design that is very similar to the fan favorite Lumia 1020, obviously in order to ensure compatibility with the accessories.

Take a look at the concept below:

If the design is anywhere close to this concept, the phone is sure to be a stylish new addition to the Lumia family. Expect for the camera on the back — it looks like a scared face. A scared smiley face, that is to say. But Microsoft just had to accommodate the flash and sensors somehow.

The concept utilizes the same camera sensor manufactured by Toshiba, the same company behind other such Lumia models, including the Lumia 930 and the Lumia 1520.

A Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is pretty much guaranteed, as is 2GB of RAM and 32GB internal storage space. No solid intelligence on the screen, though, and it could be between 5 and 6 inches of size, but with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

And since the Lumia 1030 is powered by Windows Phone 10, it is very likely to launch sometimes early next year. Maybe even the middle of 2015, but you never know.

In the meantime, let us know what you think of these richly detailed concept images.

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  • Kevin

    I chose a 1520 over the 1020, because I thought I wanted the larger screen over the better camera. I have come to regret that decision and have been considering selling my 1520 so that I can get a 1020. But if the 1030 is real and coming soon, I’ll wait for that. I just wish I knew now so I know what decision to make 🙁

  • Jamiu Idris

    Sound , solid design alone will not do the magic for Microsoft .They need to work on the weak link -the windows store !