If you’ve been reading the reports coming from China, a mysterious little device codenamed RM-1090 has been doing the rounds. It could be the Lumia 535, word is.

We have seen photos and discovered the specifications of what promises to be the first Microsoft device to carry the company logo, along with the Microsoft Lumia branding. This, after the company decided to drop the Nokia branding from its future hardware.

Needless, to say this increased focus on the mobile business from Redmond is interesting.

Even more interesting could be the smartphone that is apparently very close to launch. Rumors claim that this device could hit the market in China, and though Microsoft has been completely silent on this one, chances are that the company will also launch it in other regions.

Launch it in other regions as the Microsoft Lumia 535.

This speculation comes from reports that Microsoft has already submitted dummy phones to India, for retailers to display in showrooms and store shelves — an indication that the technology giant is readying a new device for emerging markets.

In fact, another report hints at this possibility.

Redmond is said to have dispatched around 2,500 dummies to China and India to prepare for the launch that could take place in the coming weeks. These will be used for presentations or demo purposes.

Leaked specifications have hinted at this device sporting a 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor that runs in conjunction with 1GB of RAM, with a 5-inch screen and a 1900 mAh battery that provides enough juice to last two days.

Pretty midrange specifications, and it could well launch as the Lumia 535.

We’ll find out soon enough.

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