Nokia has recently admitted that it was overwhelmed by the high demand of its Lumia 920 smartphone. At most carriers and retailers, the phone sold out in a day, or even sooner.

For all practical purposes, it is Nokia’s most sought-after phone in the last 10 years.

The Finnish giant, it seems did not want to risk it all with the phone at launch as it struggles to restock the Lumia 920 the world over. Sources are pointing that the next batch is set to arrive in early December.

While some are suggesting that the shortage may be because the company supplied limited number of units, it appears that is not the case, and the phones really are selling like there is no tomorrow.

The store managing director at DNA (one of Finland’s major carrier), Sami Aavikko, told Tietokone that the demand for the smartphone in the company’s DNA Stores was the highest for any Nokia phone released in the past decade:

“All of what comes in, I sell immediately”.

In fact, the carrier had to create booking lists at its stores to meet the demand for Lumia 920.

The set is also extremely popular at Walmart, and the retailer has begun sending out emails to most customers that ordered the Lumia 920 to wait longer for delivery.

The email claims that the phone the customer ordered is extremely popular, and while the company receives shipments of additional phones daily, they fill out orders in the order in which they are received.

It seems Nokia does indeed have a winner on its hand.

Ultimately, the high demand for the smartphone is one thing, how Nokia plans to fulfill it worldwide is another. The upcoming holiday season, in particular, will go a long way in determining the 920’s success.

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